Background Information

  • Webequie First Nation is the closest community to the mineral discoveries and mineral exploration activities. Being in this location provides future opportunities for the community to benefit from the planning, development and operation of any mines that may be developed in the area as well as mineral exporation activities.

    As a community with no year-round access to the existing all-season road network, this remoteness limits economic opportunities for Webequie First Nation and its members. It is difficult for community members to continue to live in their community due to limited employment opportunities and the high cost of living caused by the fact that food, fuel and construction supplies must be transported by air most of the time. Community members report that the winter road season has been getting shorter and shorter.

    In September 2017, Webequie First Nation began the Supply road Project by going through the process of identifying a 10 kilometer wide conceptual route and narrowing the route to 2 kilometers wide. This study process included community engagement with local trappers, land users and traditional harvesters, as well as the Webequie land use planning committee members to identify possible corridors from the airport, through to the mineral exploration and the proposed mine development areas.

    Once the preferred route was identified, preliminary aerial environmental and geotechnical visual inspections were conducted in October 2017. Following this work, Webequie First Nation indicated that it wished to continue the Supply Road planning process as the proponent of a coordinated federal-provincial environmental assessment for the development of an all-season road.

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