A firm has been hired to provide environmental and engineering support to Webequie First Nation in their role as the project proponent for the Supply Road.  Webequie First Nation will undertake the following activities:

Development and implementation of an engagement and consultation plan to inform and invite input from:

  • Webequie First Nation community members;
  • Other Indigenous community members that may be potentially affected by the Project;
  • Provincial and federal regulatory agencies;
  • Other interested groups/people;

Preparation of a draft Terms of Reference (ToR) document as per the Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) Code of Practice entitled “Preparing and Reviewing Terms of Reference for Environmental Assessments in Ontario”, authorized under the Environmental Assessment Act, RSO 1990 for review by MECP;

Circulation of a draft ToR to appropriate governmental agencies for review and comment;
Preparation of a final ToR document to be submitted to MECP for review and Minister’s decision together with any applicable supporting documentation;

Preparation of a draft Project Description to be submitted to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEA Agency) for review;

Preparation of a final draft Project Description to be submitted to CEA Agency for the development of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Guidelines together with any applicable supporting documentation;

Terrain analysis to refine and narrow the existing 2 kilometre conceptual route and position the road centerline;

Assessment of baseline road alignment for potential geometric (road shape and changes in elevation) and hydrological (water / water flow) issues;

Development of conceptual design criteria, including design speed assumptions, functional classification, makeup of the roadway structure, description of horizontal and vertical geometric road parameters, cross-sectional elements, bridges and culverts, foundation challenges, drainage and hydrology, signage, roadside safety, sight distances, construction staging and other factors that may emerge;

Preparation of conceptual alignment and cross-sections;

Desktop investigations and interpretations to identify potential aggregate sources; and

Site reconnaissance, geotechnical field investigations and geophysical field surveys at potential aggregate sources, watercourse crossings and areas prone to soft underlying soils, permafrost and other areas of high risk.

Description for Coordinated Federal-Provincial EA Process

The Supply Road will be going through a coordinated Environmental Assessment process involving the application of Webequie First Nation’s own principles,
traditional knowledge and environmental stewardship protocols, in combination with the federal and provincial EA processes.  Webequie will work with both the
Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency to coordinate review periods of
both the Provincial and Federal processes.  One document will be prepared to fulfill the requirements of both processes.  The figure below outlines the coordinated
environmental assessment process.

Description for Project Map

This map below illustrates the regional context of the Project location.  The Supply Road is a proposed new all-season road, approximately 107 km in length,
running from Webequie First Nation Airport to the mineral deposit development area near McFaulds Lake.  17 km of the road is within Webequie First Nation
reserve lands.


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