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  • What is the Webequie Supply Road Project?

    The Webequie Supply Road Project is a Webequie First Nation-led environmental assessment and preliminary engineering study of a proposed all-season road connecting Webequie airport with the existing mineral exploration activities and proposed mine developments in the McFaulds Lake area.  The purpose of the road would be to move materials, supplies and people between Webequie Airport and the McFaulds Lake area.

  • This is a First Nation-led project; what does that mean?

    As the Proponent, Webequie First Nation is leading the environmental assessment and engineering study with the assistance of our technical experts.  This Project is an important project to our community, and we want to ensure that the impacts – both positive and negative – are thoroughly reviewed to make sure that our community members understand the environmental, socio-economic and cultural impacts of the Supply Road before making a decision.  Throughout the planning and engagement process, the Webequie Project Team will ensure that all project activities will be done according to the Elders’ guiding principles and the Webequie First Nation three-tier approach to Indigenous community engagement.

  • What is an Environmental Assessment?

    An Environmental Assessment (EA) is a process to predict environmental effects of proposed activities before they are carried out. An environmental assessment i) identifies potential adverse environmental effects; ii) proposes measures to mitigate adverse environmental effects; iii) predicts whether there will be significant adverse environmental effects, after mitigation measures are implemented; and iv) includes a follow-up program to verify the accuracy of the environmental assessment and the effectiveness of the mitigation measures.

  • Why is the Province (Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks) involved?

    The Project will be going through the Ontario Environmental Assessment Process.  The first step is to prepare a Terms of Reference.  It is the “work plan” for the Environmental Assessment and describes what will be done during the environmental assessment to understand any effects of the Supply Road on the environment and communities (natural, social, economic, and cultural).  When the Terms of Reference is approved by the Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP), Webequie First Nation, with our technical experts, will complete the Environmental Assessment.

  • Why is Canada (Impact Assessment Agency of Canada) involved?

    The Webequie Supply Road may need to go through the federal process under the Impact Assessment Act, 2019.  To determine whether the Project requires a Federal environmental assessment, Webequie First Nation will prepare and submit a Project Description to the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada.  The Agency will then issue Impact Statement (IS) guidelines for Webequie First Nation to use when preparing the federal environmental assessment.  Similar to the provincial process, the IS guidelines serve as the federal “work plan” for the environmental assessment process.

    If both Environmental Assessment processes are required, then Webequie Supply Road will undergo a Coordinated Environmental Assessment process, which is done to prevent or limit any overlap of the project activities.

  • How will the water, animals and the land be protected?

    Throughout the Environmental Assessment process, our technical experts will be conducting field surveys to observe the wildlife and environment within the Supply Road study area.  Surveys include observing wildlife, fish and vegetation, collecting water samples, surveying types of soils as well as engaging with community members on traditional land and resource uses and cultural areas. 

  • Will this supply road be built?

    Our community will use the Environmental Assessment as an information gathering tool so that we can make an informed decision.  We want to fully understand what the good and bad effects are of the Supply Road on our community, environment, and culture, before deciding whether to go ahead with the construction of the Supply Road.

  • What are the opportunities for community members during and after the Study?

    There will be plenty of opportunities for community members to participate in the Project during and after the Study.  Community members will be able to work with our technical experts in the field to conduct wildlife and vegetation surveys for the Environmental Assessment.  If the Supply Road is built, community members will have the opportunity to conduct environmental monitoring, operate and work at camp facilities, operate heavy equipment and participate in the project in many other ways.  During operation of the road, there will be opportunities for maintenance and security of the Supply Road, as well as possibly operating commercial businesses along the road.

  • Who will own and maintain the Supply Road?

    At this point in time, there is no answer to this question.  Webequie First Nation is the proponent of the environmental assessment study, but there is no proponent of the possible road construction right now.   There is research being done on the different types of roads and what kind of maintenance is required for such roads.

  • How can I get involved in the Project?

    Webequie First Nation wants to hear from you.  We want to ensure that we are making the right decisions to plan for the Supply Road and we are thoroughly assessing the effects of the Supply Road on the environment and communities.  We will engage with our neighbouring Indigenous communities, as well as nearby municipalities, stakeholder groups and the government.

    In the meantime, should have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact one of our main engagement contacts:

Michael Fox
Regional Consultation Lead
Webequie First Nation
1000 Chippewa Road
Thunder Bay, ON
P7J 1B6
Tel: 807 472-6147
Fax: 807 577-0404
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Samson Jacob
Local Consultation Lead
Webequie First Nation
P.O. Box 268
Webequie, ON
P0T 3A0
Phone: 807-353-6531
Fax: 807-353-1218
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Don Parkinson
Consultation Lead
SNC- Lavalin Inc.
195 The West Mall
Toronto, ON
M9C 5K1
Tel: 416-252-5315  ext. 52584
Fax: 416-235-5356
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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