Supply Road

Webequie First Nation's Supply Road Project

What is it?

The Webequie Supply Road is a planned 107 km all season road running from Webequie First Nation’s airport to mineral exploration activities and the proposed mining development.  The purpose of the Supply Road is to allow the community to benefit by helping the year-round movement of supplies, materials and people to mineral exploration activities and future mining developments from Webequie First Nation’s airport. Webequie First Nation is the proponent of this Supply Road Project.

This project is in the planning phase for the environmental assessment processes as well as preliminary engineering to determine what would be required to build the road such as the number and types of bridges and other water crossings. The purpose of this website is to share information.  It contains presentations, fact sheets, newsletters and project schedules to make sure community members, their neighbours and the rest of the public are aware of what is happening on the project.


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